Jamie Lipe lives in Georgetown, Tx. She is a singer, musician, songwriter, and worship leader. Jamie has traveled all throughout Texas for many years leading worship at various churches, conferences, and women’s ministry events as well as an occasional out-of-state event. Music has been the thread woven throughout her life that’s given her spirit a voice to express her heart. From a young age, she knew there was something greater than merely what was seen. This developed a tenacity in her to find out more about the mysteries that burned in her heart and occupied her thoughts. She would come to discover as she grew that it was the presence of God pulling her deeper into Himself and music became the means to tell the story.


The driving force behind Jamie’s life is a passion for hearts and lives to be awakened to see Jesus and the life only He can give. “For me, my life ‘theme’ word has always been awaken …Because we’re always in a place of awakening and becoming more aware of God if we’re pursuing Him… We’re always becoming more aware of heaven and what’s on the other side of eternity.” It’s this longing for Jesus and for heaven to invade our earthly space that keeps her singing and writing. And just as equally a driving force… Enthroning Jesus as King through legislative worship. “We are called not only to be priests, but also kings in the earth… Kings rule and they issue decrees… We are called to do this in our worship… To bring order where there’s disorder.” Above all, Jamie desires to stay true to her calling of worship having simply an audience of One.


To date, Jamie has released 3 albums: Freedom Comes(2004), The Encounter(2006), and The Burning(2012). She is currently working on a new album that will be released in 2019.



The Burning

by Jamie Lipe